Better Tomorrow

Meet the Members

Hunter Seidel: Bass, Lead Vocals

Well it all started long ago, in a land before time, when my friends "the guys" wanted to start a band. This was seventh grade so i thought it was cool but didn't think much of it, yet somehow they talked me into buying a bass. 

As the lineup has changed so has our personality's and hairstyles. Non the less this is more then i had expected and i love it.

As we have gotten better so has my equipment i now have and american standard Fender Jazz bass running through an Ampeg head plugged into a Fender cab. Don't ask why i just like the the sound! In the singing aspect of it i use whatever is provided.

I'm influenced by plenty of people and bands but mainly Blink 182 and Green Day. Although I am always listening to new music and getting into new artists. 

By the way ladies i'm single, hit me up;)

Tanner Seidel: Lead Guitar, Backup Vocals

(he secretly plays everything else in the band to)

Eventually, when i start listening to my drummer ill type a bio here.

Jake Noble: Drums

For me, it started in 4th grade band. My dad bought me my first pair of drumsticks, the Lars Ulrich signature Aheads. at the time i had no clue who the hell this Lars guy was or even who Metallica was. I was soon to find out that someday i would worship Lars and that i would be a true Metalli-fan. After a year in school band, i was hooked and played set whenever i possibly could. Then when dad would have his set I probably sat behind it more then he did at the time. In about 5th grade, I started asking for a set and after pleading and begging i got one during my 6th grade year. Better Tomorrow all started there. We came up with the idea for a band in P.E. our 7th grade year, but even then it would still be a while till Better Tomorrow became what we are today (you know, cause we're such a huge band, playing sold-out stadiums weekly). The band went through lots of various members and even more various names such as: Results May Vary, Property of Trash, Dark Mission, Stuck In Shuffle LetsTagTeamMonaLisa and even more if i remember correctly. Now to this current day I have added many things to that first drumset, including another separate kick drum soley because, the man who made me want to become a drummer (after i found out who the hell he was) Lars Ulrich. Better Tomorrow s pretty much what i have become today, and I hope and pray that we can make it big someday. I couldnt ask for anything better when it comes to these other two, they are musical geniuses and it makes me look better than what i really am, I am proud to not only be in a band with Hunter and Tanner, but to call them my bestfriends as well. My biggest influences in drumming are as follows: Lars Ulrich, Chris Adler, Morgan Rose, John "Bonzo" Bonham, Alex VanHalen, Matt "Spug" Mcdonough, Joey Jordison, Tre` Cool, Chad Smith, Seth Hostetter (check this dude out for real), Andrew Hurley, Taylor Hawkins, Dave Grohl, Ray Luizer, Daniel Adair, Barry Kerch. Thats just the main guys, in no particular order.

Check out my personal website @

My Equipment

Ludwig Drums 

Pearl Joey Jordison Snare              

Remo Heads (Pinstripe Clear)

Tama (Iron Cobra Jr.) / or  Gibraltar (Intruder) Pedals

Gibraltar, Tama, & Pearl Hardware

ZIldjian, Meinl, & Paiste Cymbals

CDX , Pro-Mark, & Ahead Drumsticks

Cymbal Line-Up

Zildjian 22"  Z Custom Power Ride

Zildjian 18" Oriental China/Trash

Zildjian 6" Zil-Bel

Paiste 18" Black Alpha (JJ Signature) Metal Crash

Paiste 14" Black Alpha (JJ Signature) Sound Edge Hi-Hats

Meinl 18' Classics Custom Medium Crash

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